Mistakes I Made When I First Starting Blogging and How to Fix Them: Share Your Experiences Too!

We've all make mistakes, some larger than others. Below are some mistakes that I made when I first started blogging. I have made many, many more, these are just some of the one's I thought of immediately. Get involved in the conversation, let everyone know what some of your mistakes were, and what the fixes are. Leave a comment for us all to learn from.

Not Setting Up Social Sharing Buttons
The Fix: Go to AddThis or ShareThis, get the widget, and place the social sharing buttons at the bottom of your posts.

Making my Article Information All About Me
The Fix: Make the article about how your service can provide value to your client.

Buying Followers
The Fix: Don't do it, it's a total waste of time, it does nothing effective for you.

Not Setting Up a Good Commenting System
The Fix: Install CommentLuv, you can track comments in one place and it's easy for people to leave a comment.

Not Using Good Images
The Fix: Go to 123RF, and get your images on the cheap

Not Actively Engaging on as Many Comments as Possible
The Fix: Try to check comments throughout the day and respond to them

Not Having a Call to Action
The Fix: Get one. What are you selling, how do you pay your bills?

Not Having a Landing Page
The Fix: Go to Marketo or Hubspot and get one.

Not Having a Subscribe to My Newsletter Button
The Fix: Go to FeedBurner and get your free widget.

Always Trying to Hit the Grand Slam
The Fix: Not every article is going to be a hit, write from your heart.

Trying to Do It All Myself
The Fix: Join Google+, follow the experts in your field, read and learn from them.

Thinking That I was Going to Get a Million Visitors a Day in the First Month
The Fix: Be patient, true success takes time. Your traffic will build up.

Putting Out Crap Content
The Fix: Content is king, slow down, do a little more research, really add value to a persons life.

Placing Too Many Hyperlinks in an Article
The Fix: Not everything needs to be a link, if you mention a source several times, just link to it once.

Not Using Blog Syndication Sites
The Fix: Go to NetworkedBlogs, Triberr and sites like this.

Posting the Identical Information on All of My Primary Social Media Outlets
The Fix: Use Twitter for breaking news updates, Google+ for sharing expert information, and so on.

Not Having a Logo
The Fix: Go to 99Designs and get one. You don't have to spend a lot, just get one.

Not Having Keywords
The Fix: Pick out how you want people to find you when they search on the web. Use Google's Keyword tool.

There we have it, many mistakes that I made, and that many beginning bloggers make as well. My ask to you is that you learn from the mistakes that I made. Get involved in the conversation by leaving a comment with how you failed, and how you fixed it. Have fun with it, you'll be surprised at the end result you receive.

I'm not associated with any of the above sites, I'm just relaying information that helped me out, in hopes that it can help you out as well.

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