Free Website Traffic Resources: Help Me! I Have a Website and I Want to Get More Qualified Traffic

Having a Website or blog is great; having no one actually see it? not great. Their are several simple steps that you can do to improve your Website or blog traffic. The resources that I am going to share with you are all free. Yes, you heard right, all free! I highly recommend you try the free route before you invest in hiring anyone to do what you can do yourself in about thirty minutes a day.

I am sure you've heard of the universal law that states: Give the most of what you want to receive. In aligning ourself with the universal law of giving, start visiting question and answer sites, such as: Yahoo! Answers; Quora; Google Groups; etc. Don't just browse the Q&A sections. Get active, get engaged, and let people know you are there to help them.

Keeping on the helping topic, seek out community forums that cover your specific industry or niche. The options are limitless. Go to Google, and type in your industry followed by the word "forum." Forums work a little differently then Q&A sections. The people you are engaging with may be teaching you something. Make the best of your experience, and let people know you are there to help. Like in the Q&A section, you've got to show up on a daily basis to get results.

Moving into the sharing content arena, the idea is to put your content in front of people who are looking for it. We really get into the bread and butter of increasing your Website traffic in this section. Start by joining and sharing content on the most popular social bookmarking sites: Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc. Stop by Squidoo, and post your article there. Start to build a community on Squidoo. The site gets a lot of traffic and users look for specific information, so don't post fluff or junk, only good content. I left the Big Five for last; Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you take away one thing from this article, make sure you are active on the Big Five social networks.

Ok, we have covered some great free Website traffic resources thus far. A few more ideas, and we will wrap this up for now. Guest blogging is most likely one of the most natural ways to gain more exposure: in short, you submit your article to industry blogs similar to yours, and they post the article on their site. I always say, keep your content short and sweet, remove all the junk and fluff, and just say what you want to say, using the least amount of words. You want your articles to make an impact on a person when they read it. Guest blogging opportunities are not going to knock on your door. Seek out opportunities and personally submit your article to the site of interest.

And lastly, blog commenting. Go to industry Websites or blogs, review the information, comment on the information, let them know you agree or disagree. Most blog commenting sections allow you to include a link with the comment. Leave a resource link in your comment, yes, it can be a link back to your website or blog. Please, whatever you do, don't spam here and just paste useless links, it does no one any good.

Find out what works for you, make your own recipe for success. I can tell you from personal experience, success is waiting for you to knock. All you need to do is learn what resources to use to get you to where you want to go as fast as possible, and take action on a continued daily basis. Getting natural free Website traffic will take time; be patient, stay focused, keep positive, and always stay focused on the ultimate end goal you are looking to achieve. You can do it, so go out and do it!

I love feedback and I love to hear what works for you. Feel free to leave a comment, to reach out to me directly via email, to write an article yourself and send it to me, and above all, to do anything and everything to help empower yourself to do better today. Just make sure you are helping out others on your way to success.

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