Blog Directories: The Top Blog Directories Everyone Needs to Submit Their Blog To and Why: Volume 1

Having your blog information correct and updated with each of the top blog directories enables you to: connect with bloggers with similar interests; connect with people looking for the topic of interest you are writing about; get free advertising (most blog directories are free to submit to); get important backlinks from high PR value sites; and much more.

A little FYI before we jump into the content, I understand you may know of several other blog directories, please leave a comment with which one's work best for you. Notice I have the "Volume 1" at the end of the title, this article is meant to get the conversation starting. I'd like to compile an Ultimate Top 10 Blog Directory article, but I need your help, so leave a comment and get active on this post.

You can do a simple Google search and find a plethora of articles on the best blog directories to submit your blog to. My goal in writing this article is to actually get you to submit your blog to the sites. We all browse the web for articles, we read them, we learn from them, then we do nothing about what we just learned. We say, I will get to it, or I'll remember to do this, but then we forget. Take 30-minutes now and submit your blog URL to the directories. I listed some of my favorites below:

I recommend doing some Google searches on your own, to find which blog directories will work best for your specific industry. No one person has the magic formula for your blogs success, mix up your own recipe for success, try different things, and don't worry about when you fail, just get back up and keep going. The points when you failed will be your biggest learning points later on. If your not pushing the envelope with ideas, and seeking to do better every day, I can assure you, nothing magical is going to happen with your blog. 

In wrapping this up for today, blog directories are important: blog directories get you found, blog directories get you traffic, blog directories are free to submit to (most of them), and blog directories get you high PR backlinks. Now that you know this information, take 30-minutes and submit your blog to the directories. Yes, that means you, stop doing what your doing, take the time and do it now. The rewards will pay off later.

If you don't know what your doing, if you need help, or if you just want someone else to do the blog directory submitting for you, please reach out to me directly via email, and I will be sure to assist you.

May I please ask you to do me a favor: Now that I took the time to share what works for me, can you share what works for you? Leave a comment below, the readers of eioLIFE and myself want to hear from you. By the way, I write from the heart, if you see a typo or gramatical error (sorry), it's more important for me to get the message out to you, then worry about every comma being in it's proper space.

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