Stop Fishing for New Business and Start Growing Your Current Business

Written by Brandon Schaefer, Founder of eioLIFE

How many times have you heard, we have to keep growing the business? My question is, grow the business how, with net new business, or by enriching your current clients with more value add services that you offer? I can assure you, and only through my direct experience, that growing your business through your current clients is a lot easier than growing it through net new business.

Successful companies usually offer a few services or products very well, this is what makes the company successful. It is when the already successful company ventures out into new areas of growth and revenue, searching for new ways to make lot’s of money, that they fall flat. Focus on what you do well, and do it very well, become the go-to source for your service or product, and your revenues will soar.

I want to talk about introducing more in depth social media tactics into your already successful business, so that you may interact and grow your business with your current customers in a more efficient manner. Having a Facebook page does not designate being involved in social media, in fact, having a Facebook page for your business may actually be hurting your business if it’s not done properly.

The main goal I have learned over the years, and one that has made my business successful was to make sure I had a social media plan. I had to stop throwing spaghetti up against the wall and start getting more specific with exactly what I was looking to send out to my clients via my social media outlets. Yes, we all want to be on every social media outlet, I’d say, select one or two primary ones that you want to focus on and do those well. Select one or two primary social media outlets that you can reach your customers the best on. Getting Facebook “Likes” from someone in India, when you have a restaurant in Kansas, is really not going to help you, it is? You get the drift hopefully, you want to fish where the fish are, you want to drive awareness to your current customers, as well as your future net new customers.

One article that helped put me on the proper social media reach track is called “19 Sure-Fire Ways to Amplify Your Social Reach” written by Rachel Sprung and posted on HubSpot (HubSpot is a great resource for inbound marketing help and they cover everything to do with seo, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead management, and analytics). Anyway, to spare you the time of reading the article in it’s entirety, I put the nineteen sure-fire ways into bullet points below for your easy reading reference.

  • Put social sharing and follow buttons on all of your collateral
  • Make sure social share and follow buttons are visible on mobile versions of your site
  • Tailor your content to the social network
  • Tailor your content to the persona
  • Respond frequently to your fans and followers
  • Interact and engage with people on social media that aren’t yet following you
  • Keep your social media profiles up to date
  • Target your audience through paid advertising
  • Consider the time of day you post on social media
  • Newsjack on social media
  • Adopt new social media “stuff” as it rolls out
  • Host twitter chats
  • Create a hashtag for any event you host, and make sure all event attendees know about it
  • Initiate a guest blogging platform
  • Partner with other organizations to reach their social media list
  • Host a contest or gamify your social presence to incentivize follows
  • Post something new everyday
  • Create high quality content

Reading these bullet points alone won't give you all the valuable information that the article provides, I highly recommend you read the article in it’s full length version here. If your like me, I have limited time to dig into articles, so if I am not able to get the gist of what the full article is about quickly, I need to move on. This is why I put articles into bullet points, it allows you to make a quick decision on whether you want to read the full article or not. Bullet point articles are a great idea for your business as well, use bullet points to gain interest and have the readers get more engaged by gathering more information.

So, I’ve talked enough here, now for the most important part, YOU! What works for you and what doesn’t, leave comment below, get engaged with me on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any of the other primary social media sites, I will personally reply back to you, my email is here. I am ready to help, just let me know how. Thanks.

About the Author: Brandon Schaefer is fast becoming regarded as the voice for information, training and resources for entrepreneurs. Brandon is the Founder and Lead Contributor to eioLIFE, a website dedicated to sharing information with entrepreneurs. Brandon provides information, training and resources to entrepreneurs, using proven and time-tested idea's and laws for success. The idea's that Brandon empowers entrepreneurs with consistently work, as well as training and resources that won’t be found anywhere else.