Starting a Website: Start With a Simple WordPress or Blogger Template

Written by Brandon Schaefer, Founder of eioLIFE

Great, you want to give your business a more professional appearance and drive more local traffic to your business via a website. Don't pay someone to build your website for you, save your money, you will need it later, believe me. Rather than focusing on design, focus on excellent content, great content will pay big dividends for you later.

Yes, everyone wants there site to look like Target, but it's not going to happen on a shoe-string budget. My recommendation is that you use a simple website template in WordPress or Blogger, they are both easy to use and offer many plug-ins that will help you out later on down the road as well. Plug-ins are one of the reasons I recommend you do the website work yourself at first, if you are not able to make simple changes to your site, and I mean simple, you are in for an expensive ride. 

Plug-ins will assist with cross-sharing content across social media platforms, blog syndication sites, and about a limitless amount of other vital applications that you will want to use to help drive awareness, and traffic to your site. In the beginning, you want to be able to make changes on-the-fly and make quick adjustments as you feel needed, this is why you need control yourself. As your site becomes more successful, you will most definitely want to seek expert advice, but until then, my advice is to hunker down, learn, and build the site yourself.

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