Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Save Your Money, Advertise for Free

Written by Brandon Schaefer, Founder of eioLIFE

Using pay-per-click advertising is like crumpling up your money in your hand, and throwing it out your car window as you are going fifty-five miles per hour. The beauty of the web today is that there are so many resources that are one-hundred percent free, and they’ll provide better results than paid advertising.

Over the past couple weeks I have really been focusing on free advertising, a few examples that are very effective, and will have an immediate impact for you are listed here:

  • Have a simple Wordpress or Blogger website
  • Use social media plug-ins on your website
  • Have complete social media profiles on the primary outlets
  • Fill out local search profiles on the primary outlets
  • Use blog syndication sites to gain more exposure
  • Actively seek guest blogging opportunities
  • Interact on other business blog’s similar to yours

These few examples are just the tip of the ice-berg, there are so many more great ones that are one-hundred percent free as well. If I told you all of them I’d not be in business for myself, so if you want to know the rest of them, email me directly to find out, and I will personally help you get your business noticed for free.

Are you getting the idea here, if not, here it is, save your money and advertise for free using the tools I provided above. Yes, I understand you want immediate traffic, the question is, do you want the natural organic traffic that is going to actually provide you with sales, or do you want window-shopping traffic that doesn’t generate sales? Natural organic website traffic will generate more sales and will surround you with enriching long-term clients, all you have to do is use the proper resources, keep doing the right things, be patient, and actively engage in conversations with clients and prospects as they occur.

I’ve listed some of the previous articles here, so you may reference them and hopefully learn from them as well. Also, if you need help, I am here, just reach out to me by email. Thanks.

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