Help Me! I Feel Like My Business is Going to Fall Apart if I Take a Day Off

Written by Brandon Schaefer, Founder of eioLIFE

When was the last time you took a day off and just completely turned off all your electronics? Did you feel like your business was going to implode because you weren’t there to catch, monitor and delegate command?

If you’re not able to take a day off from your business, and I mean completely shut down totally from the world, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way your business is set up. No business should have one point of failure, if you have made your business so reliant on yourself that it can’t run without you, start to make changes so that your business can run without you. That is the point of having a business right? Didn’t you open the business to gain new fond entrepreneur freedoms?

Most entrepreneurs that I meet are ultra-successful and just love doing what they do, this is why they continue to do it. You get to the point in success where it’s not for the money, it’s for the love. Believe me, when your aligned properly in life and business, the money naturally comes, I know this is most likely hard for you to understand at this point, unless you are actually doing it right now, but it is a universal law of success.

Let me give you a real life example for myself. In my line of work I lived and died by the sword, every day was the last day, every deal may be the last deal, every deal may be the largest deal ever written in my organization, I just never new. The thing is, I always felt like I had to pick up my phone line within two-rings, I had to respond to emails within five-minutes, I had to physically be in the office everyday. The amount of stress I put on myself was beyond anything you can imagine. Why all the stress you ask? Because I was the single point of failure for everything, I set up my entire business model improperly, I wasn’t empowering all the great people I was surrounded by, it was all me, me, me.

You get the drift here, I set up my business model so that I was not able to take a day off, or even a week, or even a month. My back ached, my thoughts of what was happening to my business ran through my head like a bad dream, and I was stressed to the max. Then everything changed, I took the “me” out of my business. My business wasn’t about me, it was about what my business provided. I stepped out, I turned off, I focused on my family when I was with my family, I focused on my business when I was at my business.

I stepped out from my business slowly, I empowered the great people that had surrounded me to take more responsibility. I was actually causing too big of a shadow on people around me and stunting their growth. When I got out of the way the sun was able to shine through, new ideas grew, new people grew, new opportunities came about. The sun caused amazing things to happen, the thing is, I see far to often that overpowering entrepreneurs and management don’t let their employees shine. One of the goals in writing this is to say “get out of the way” let people around you shine, stop making your business all about you.

Ask yourself this question, if I hurt my back today and was not able to go into work for the next week, how would I feel? Start to make changes today, so that the people around you can grow and that you can start to take a day off, a week off, or even a month off, without feeling like your business is going to crumble. I speak from personal experience, I was the biggest offender of the all about "me" business model, I am here to tell you, that model is broken and it will break you mentally and physically as well.

Start making changes today, change your model, empower your employees to do more, watch them grow, watch them prosper in their new found sunlight, and above all, watch your very own family life grow and prosper in it’s new found sunlight.

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