Blogging: Have a Product or Service That You Provide

Written by Brandon Schaefer, Founder of eioLIFE

Blogging is great, you get to share your feelings and emotions with the world, you get to talk about what you love, and you get to interact with people you may never ordinarily get to network with.

Now, here comes the ten-thousand dollar question: how are you going to make money blogging? Sorry, I didn’t mean to start off and get right into it, but you need to ask yourself this question right now. I don’t ask this to scare you off from your blogging, I ask this because I want you to have a purpose and offer a product or service that you can associate into your blogging that will put food on the table for you.

I personally learned the hard way, I had great content, great web traffic, but no direct call to action to generate money. I poured my heart and sole into my articles, I felt fulfilled at the end of the day, but I just wasn’t generating any money. It wasn’t until I introduced my call to action that things really started to take off. There is nothing wrong with providing a value add service and getting paid for it, all you need to do is start letting people know what billable services you provide.

In my personal example, I provide information to entrepreneurs that help them become more successful, faster. I share my experiences and tribulations of getting to the top, in hopes that other entrepreneurs can use the directions for success that I discovered. I didn’t have the proper directions for success, I had to discover my own, I had to make my own recipe. There’s nothing wrong with the way I did it, I just don’t feel that people need to take the same road I did, I feel that I offer a value add service that can provide them with a map for success. The directions work every time, this is my product, the map provides my clients direction, and the support I provide that goes behind navigating the map with you is my call to action, this is the billable part of my business. Make sense, read it a few times and it will sink in, I had to myself, and I wrote this!

Take your story, service, or product and build around it, if you’ve been through something, share about it, other people similar to you need your help. There’s no magic blogging bullet here, all I’m saying is, make sure you have something you can generate revenue from on your blog. Now, get to it, if you like what I said, leave a comment, if you don’t like what I said and think I’m crazy, leave a comment as well, I will personally respond to them.

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About the Author: Brandon Schaefer is fast becoming regarded as the voice for information, training and resources for entrepreneurs. Brandon is the Founder and Lead Contributor to eioLIFE, a website dedicated to sharing information with entrepreneurs. Brandon provides information, training and resources to entrepreneurs, using proven and time-tested idea's and laws for success. The idea's that Brandon empowers entrepreneurs with consistently work, as well as training and resources that won’t be found anywhere else.