You Sell the Most When You're Not Selling

Selling is not about selling, selling is about being personally accountable to the client you are providing a product or service to. Selling is about being in the trenches with your client when the crap hits the fan and everyone else is running away from the problem. Selling is about uncovering, understanding and implementing solutions that save money and solve big problems. Selling is about having a personal one-on-one relationship with each other, learning about each other, personally and business wise. Selling is about truly caring for one another's feelings, for saying Happy Birthday, for being there when they need you and to help each other become more successful together.

Yes, almost anyone in sales can have short-term success, but it is the people not selling, that actually sell the most and have long term success. I speak, write and share from my real life experiences to hopefully enable you to learn and not make the same mistakes I did.

I felt inspired to write this article today because I just read an article by +Chris Brogan called "Are You Turning People Off" and he spoke about how his grandfather never was selling, but was the best salesperson. Enjoy and you can read Chris's article here.

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