To Become Successful I Had to... Clearly Define and Focus on my Goals

Ok, you've landed in the right spot, now take advantage of the opportunity that is presenting itself and share your experience and hope the world.

You are submitting your story to "Wake Up To Win" the first real-time interactive book, written by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Your story will be included in Chapter 1, which is titled "Clearly Define and Focus on my Goals". Please read this statement To become successful I had to... Clearly Define and Focus on my Goals and share your experience and hope by leaving a comment below. 

A few tips before you start writing: keep the stories short (under 1,000 words), keep to the specific topic, share what happened, how it changed you, and what you are doing differently now that you know better. The tips are just suggestions, so you now what will work best for publishing purposes. 

Ultimately, if you need to get more of your experience or hope out, or feel like you have something really inspiring to share, please reach out to me directly via email at and we can make special arrangements.

Lastly, I am open to any ideas you may have that will help make "Wake Up To Win" better, if you have experience in Ebook publication, Ebook marketing, graphic illustration, or anything that will help other entrepreneurs get exposure to this book, please reach out to me as well. Thank you in advance.