The Four Primary Quadrants for Success

Written by Brandon Schaefer, Founder of eioLIFE

In life, we all have different measurements of success, some of us say that having monetary wealth is the main determinate of success, while others say that having an enriching family relationship is success. However you determine your success is ultimately up to you, my goal in this article is to open your mind to the idea of balance between the four primary quadrants of life.

Look at the following four words: wealth, health, spirituality, family. Now, pick the word that is most important for you to achieve today, which one says, yes, I finally made it in life. There is no right or wrong answer, the word that you chose, you will most definitely achieve, through actively seeking it and working towards it, great job. The concern is that you have three other primary areas which most likely are suffering because you are focusing on achieving the one thing you want the most.

Have you ever met a monetarily rich person and said, wow, this person has really made it in life, then you find out that they are a total jerk to their employees and family members. Do you still feel the same way about that person? This is not success, this is gluttony in the wealth quadrant of their life. A person like this cannot truly feel whole and fulfilled at the end of everyday.

To reach life balance, we must strive for perfection in all four primary quadrants of our life: wealth, health, spirituality, and family. Only striving for one of the primary quadrants is like walking up to a soda machine and putting in one-quarter, when the soda costs four-quarters, nothing is going to come out of the machine. The same story works in life, to reach full life balance, deposit all four-quarters today. Don’t worry, if you didn’t know this life balance information before, now you do, so do better starting right now.

I will write future articles on the more specifics of each primary quadrant of success, in the meantime, if you have something to share that might make this article better, I’m open to it, please send it to, thank you.

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