Don’t Follow Expert Statistics, If You Truly Feel It In Your Heart, Just Go For It

Statistics are great to research and follow if you want to fit in with the rest of the pack. People who have broken out of the mold and risen to super star-dome in business and entrepreneurship have definitely not followed statistics.

If you are looking to really break out and follow your dreams, whatever they may be, you will need to go against a lot of expert statistics. Statistics will tell you that you can’t do it or that it is not advisable to do it. Some statistics may even make you think, hey, I fit into that statistics category, so I need to think and act like people in my statistics category do.

The reason I want to have you read the following is because you don’t have to go through what I went through for the majority of my life.  I want you to know that you can break any mold you currently have, old dogs do learn new tricks and super success can happen at any point in your life, no matter what circumstances you have been through. In fact, I’d personally rather work with someone who hasn’t had the perfect upbringing, someone who has learned to fight and follow their heart. I mention heart, because your heart may be the only thing you have at points in your life.

Statistics will not show you how much heart a person has, statistics will not show you how much heart you have, statistics will only bunch you in a category like the curve on a college exam does. I am not saying not to do proper research before you enter into something, what I am saying is you need to follow your true hearts-desire sometimes. Following your true hearts-desire allows you to drive your car looking out of the front windshield rather than driving looking out the rear-view mirror.

I speak from personal real life experience, I fell into many of the so called bad statistical categories, but I am here to tell you, I made it. The single reason why I made it is that I started following my heart, I made a decision that I was going to just go for it when good opportunities presented themselves. When I act from the heart, it is not me acting, it is something greater than me.

If you are interested in learning more on how you can break out of your current mold and start reaching beyond what you can currently see, please reach out to me directly at and I will personally assist you. Thank you for reading this article, I hope it helps you, and please leave any comments below, I do respond to them, good or bad!

Brandon Schaefer