What's Your Next Action Step to Accomplish a Task

How do you accomplish a task? Do you write the task down on a piece of paper? Do you use an electronic task management system? Are you accomplishing simple tasks in a timely manner?

I am going to give you the one thing you can start doing right now if you want to really send your productivity through the ceiling. Next time you receive a phone call or an email that generates a task for you, write down the task and then ask yourself, what is the next action I need to take to accomplish the task. If the task is not able to be completed in less than two minutes, write the action step next to the task, put it in priority of importance and move on.

Here's an example, I need a new tire on my car, in the past I just wrote on my open task sheet, get new tire. That's great, get new tire, from where, at what price and what day, I had no idea. Now I write, get new tire, then my next action step such as, call PepBoys for pricing and service hours and set the appointment time. You hear what I am saying, you are closing down all the open ended questions in your head and making space for new thoughts.

Our brains are not able to handle that much information, keep it simple, write it down, write down the next action step and hit the road running. Stop keeping all that jumbled fragmented information in your head, once it's written down with the next action step you can set it and forget it. Give this a try and let me know how you make out, either way, if you do or if you don't start doing this, I am going to continue doing it with much success and productivity.

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  1. How to Develop Verbal Assertiveness

    The following excerpts were adopted from the book: How to Relax and Live Positively by Alix Kirsta. These insightful steps can have a profound impact on eliminating mediocrity and impose superiority and astuteness in oneself.

    (a) The words we use and our tone of voice can have a profound if unconscious effect on the listener;

    (b) Tell someone that you disagree with them in a quiet yet firm manner. Believe in what you say and don't be arbitrary or ready to retract what you've said. Try to express your feelings directly and spontaneously, not days or weeks after the event or occasion that prompted them. The more you practice, the easier this should become;

    (c) Try to be aware of irritating verbal mannerisms and unconscious habits such as coughing, sighing, sniffing, giggling and using meaningless phrases like "you know", "yeah";

    (d) Try not to talk too fast (which can be confusing) or pitch your voice too high (which can be irritating);

    (e) If you are shy, develop assertiveness by initiating daily greetings and conversations with people who are not close friends;

    (f) Don't be afraid of using the word "I", and get use to stating as many opinions as posing questions, even when you are not asked;

    (g) When others disagree with what you have to say, don't interpret this as a personal rejection...usually it isn't. Asking "Why?" more frequently, indicates that you want or need additional information and last but not least;

    (h) Get use to giving compliments and accepting them politely when they are paid to you.

    1. Thank you very much for your input, I am going to print these out and keep them in my pocket, so I can read them before I go into a meeting. Thanks.