The Best Automatic Address Book, Search and Navigation Tool for Your Email Account

Looking to effortlessly organization, search and navigate your emails? Will automatically creating an information profile for each person you interact with via email make your life easier? Does being able to see relevant historical information on each person you interact with sound exciting to you?

One tool that I have been using for years is called Smartr Contacts, which is made by Xobni and happens to be free. What Smartr Contacts does is really amazing, I have listed some things I love into bullet points below for your easy viewing reference.

  • Create information profiles for each person you interact with
  • Reveal historical information that is relevant to what you are working on
  • Update your Smartr Contacts address book automatically from email signatures
  • View threaded conversations and email attachments
  • See related people to whom you are actually interacting with 
  • View email usage statistics and information from the web

In summary, Smartr Contacts will organize your communication data and make it available through easy to use navigation and super fast search. Smartr Contacts has an App that runs on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry, so all the bases are covered. Smartr Contacts also integrates directly into your Gmail or Outlook account and sits on the right hand side automatically pulling up data in real-time as you enter one of your contacts email addresses.

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