Blast Yourself Into a Super Brainstorming Session by Stepping Out of the Office

Tired of sitting behind your desk and looking at the same old scenery? Want to supercharge your day with a creative brainstorming session? Interested in energizing your creative juices?

If you are like me, every once in a while you need to get the heck outside, take in some fresh air and walk around. I recently had the thought, why not just take my laptop with me next time I go out for a breadth of fresh air and work from the park. Man, you want to talk about opening up some new ways of thinking, this really works. Sitting outside, listening to the birds and working in a different environment opened up all kinds of new thought channels for me, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Another thing I do to supercharge my brainstorming sessions is to actually stand up. Professional medical studies show that when people are standing, there is greater oxygen flow to the brain, which in turn stimulates faster, better and smarter thinking.

Next time you see someone standing in the middle of the park holding their laptop, you will know not to bother them as they are in the middle of a supercharging brainstorming session. You will also know that they read this article and you may want to network with them, so once you see them start to wrap up the brainstorming session, walk up, introduce yourself and trade some entrepreneur ideas. Good luck and may the weather be beautiful for you.

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