You Receive What You Focus Your Attention On

In life, in sales, in personal matters and in everything else, you truly do get what you focus on. This is very evident to me because I personally lived through multiple occasions in which I directly received more of what I was focusing on.

For example, I had a little spot on my face, obviously I felt self conscious and picked at it, this ultimately made the spot larger and more red. The spot grew much larger than it originally was and much more noticeable to everyone. Had I not picked the spot and made it larger, no one most likely would have even noticed it. So, by me focusing on the spot and by trying to make it go away, I actually had the reverse effect and made it larger and more noticeable.

I learned the same lesson with my initial social media plan, I was always focusing on what I did not want to happen, rather than what I did want to happen. My results clearly showed that I was focusing on getting a mass number of followers, not a quality amount of active engagers. What sense does it make to have 100,000 followers and when I post something, not one person gives it a +1, a Like or a re-tweet. I learned that having 10 active engagers in one of my social networks is much more fulfilling than having 100,000 followers, that I have no idea who they are and don't even want to.

The lesson I am trying to get across is, to be successful, I had to start focusing on what I really wanted.  I had to start doing things my way and writing the way the words came out of my head. I hope one day that you can throw out your old recipe and put your own twist on a new recipe for success.

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