Tips and Tools for Attracting a Relevant Blog Audience

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your blog? Do you want to get people to your blog that are actually interested in what you are talking about? Are you looking to gain a more interactive audience?

We all want all the above for our blogs, more traffic, interested people and interactive users, so how does a normal person get them. Well, you listen to people that have had success before and take little bits and pieces and make your own recipe for success. No one thing is going to get your blog to success, it will be many experiences, trials and errors. I can assure you, if you stay authentic to yourself and your dreams, while always keeping your end goal in focus, you will be successful. One question I always ask myself throughout the day is, am I involved in an activity which is moving me closer to my goals. 

This is a great blog post I came across that really helped me, the blog post is named "5 Essential Tools to Attract a Relevant Audience to Your Blog" written by Ian Clearly. Ian Clearly is a social media tools specialist and the founder of Razorsocial, a leading site that shares information on social media tools. 

In short, I will summarize the five steps from Ian's blog post: 

1. Tweet at the optimal times using SocialBro
2. Target people who know you using Google Author
3. Promote your post using WiseStamp
4. Encourage your readers to share
5. Find relevant keywords using Google Keyword tool

You really need to view the full blog post "5 Essential Tools to Attract a Relevant Audience to Your Blog" to get a better understanding of how each tool can help drive more relevant blog traffic, don't wait, read the article now, it will make a difference for you.

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