Powerful Words to Use When Pitching a Sale or Idea

Do you know that specially selected words can make the difference between a person feeling comfortable or hesitant? Are you interested in learning a couple of the words and giving them a shot the next time you are pitching a sale or idea?

Using these words will empower you to get your point across while continuing to maintain a comfort level with the person or prospect you are talking to. I use these keywords to raise awareness, create emotion and to evoke a response when needed. The best speakers in the world are experts at this and you may want to investigate and learn more about the use of words through your own research.

I have categorized and listed a few of them which have become second nature to me when speaking. Believe me, these will make a big difference.

Safe and Reliable Words: key, leading, best, pioneering, primary, finest, dominant, passionate, easier, powerful

Adventuresome Words: serious, triumphant, game changing, best ever, buzz, buzzy, fantastic, brilliant, stellar, jaw dropping

Risky Words: conquer, explosive, severely, stimulate, urge, fever, agitate, killer, capture, dangerous

Have fun with these words, include them in your next pitch and whatever you do, don't sound like a tape recorded robot when speaking. If you need help implementing these words into your next pitch, reach out to me and I will personally offer my assistance.

As always, if you have any information that can provide assistance to our active eioLIFE entrepeneur community, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to include it in our next update.