Plan and Deliver a Global Social Media Deployment

Do you work for or own a large global organization? Are you looking to find out what you can do to propel your global brand into the mainstream with social media? Do you know that some of the largest global brands, still do not have global social media strategies?

Large organizations still struggle with social media plans, especially when it comes to technology adoption, marketing, analytics, return on investment and global expansion ideas. Sprinklr, a leader in successfully helping enterprise organizations adapt to mobile, social and network-empowered customers, just released a free PDF ebook, which is a must read. The ebook is called "Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management from the Dream Team" and includes, what thirty of the best minds in social think large brands must do to succeed in being social.

In the ebook "Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management from the Dream Team" you will learn about, branding, content, organizational models, tools and tactics. I highly recommend, even if you do not work at or own a large global brand, that you take the time to read the important information included in the ebook.

If you are on Google+ and want the "Dream Team" circle, here it is.

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