Great Entrepreneurs and the Things That Make Them Tick

Want to know what all the great entrepreneurs have in common? Will learning about what makes them better than all the rest, help you out?

I just read a quick article posted by Steve Tobak called "7 Things That Make Great Entrepreneurs Tick" and was surprised to learn that I posses a lot of the same characteristics that the top entrepreneurs do. Read the article "7 Things That Make Great Entrepreneurs Tick" to see how you match up against the best.

I have listed the seven traits into bullet points below for your quick reference:

  • They all have process
  • They trust their gut
  • They have passion for what they do
  • They're unusually quick on the uptake 
  • They're born problem solvers
  • They've got something to prove
  • They work their tails off

Hopefully, this short review excited you enough, so that you will read the entire article.

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