Goal Setters and Goal Achievers Virtual Roundtable Group

Are you looking to achieve a short term or long term goal? Looking to better yourself? Want some help in getting you jump started on fulfilling one of your dreams? Tired of not following through with your goals and desires?

Well, faith is on your side, you have stumbled upon the proper place. By joining one of our Goal Setters and Goal Achievers Virtual Roundtable group sessions, you will begin to live a life by design, not a life by default. The highly personalized four-week program will cover the following topics.

  • Focus on One Resolution
  • Get Someone to Hold You Accountable
  • Set Ultra-Specific Goals
  • Piggyback Your Resolution with Existing Habits
  • Give Yourself a Trial Run
  • Trick Your Mind
  • Visualize the End Result
  • Closely Measure Your Progress
  • Remind Yourself of Your Goals Every Day
  • Start Right Now

The Goal Setters and Goal Achievers Virtual Roundtable groups will propel you to success beyond your imagination. Believe me, your current thinking is limited, mine was before I started to use proven techniques that opened my mind to new ways of achieving my goals. What I thought were my goals, actually were not, I was trying to achieve the actual opposite of what I truly wanted. This may sound strange to you, but it is true.

The challenge is their for you, don't wait, start today and live a life beyond your imagination. Sessions fill up very quickly, if you see an opening, sign up and lock it in. You may see upcoming session availability by visiting our Virtual Roundtable Sessions page.