Generate Publicity With a News Release

Looking to generate some publicity for your product, business or site? Want to make a formal announcement to the world about a new product release or site update? Does sharing your news to all the major media networks at one time sound like a good idea?

Ok, we all want the above and we all want it for free, sorry, this is not going to happen in this case. One professional service called PRWeb, is well worth the small fee. If you want to be a pro, you need to use what the pro's use, and they all use PRWeb for news releases.

PRWeb allows you to make a formal announcement about your organization's new product launch, current promotion, local team sponsorship or whatever else you want. PRWeb also allows you to painlessly and quickly share your news through all the major networks across the web at one time.

From an SEO aspect, PRWeb will help boost your search rankings, get your business found on all the major search engines, bring traffic to your website, help turn leads into sales, and get backlinks from the most influential industry blogs.

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