Create and Join Google+ Communities to Grow Your Social Network

Looking to grow your social community on the Google+ network? Want to talk to people with similar interests about things you love? What about joining a group to share news, ideas and passions?

Well, Google+ has come to the rescue once again. Google+ now has Google+ Communities allowing you to create and join interest groups. You may already be familiar with Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Communities works in a similar fashion to these.

Google+ Communities allows you to talk about the stuff you're into with people who love it too. Some of the other unique features of the Google+ Communities section are:

Gather Together - Whether it's for your family, your book club or people around the world who share your interests, communities give each of your different groups a home base.

Have Rich Conversations - Post beautiful photos and videos, plan events or even have face-to-face discussions in a hangout. And stay connected on the go through the Google+ mobile app.

Explore Your Interests - From foodies, to volunteer groups, to football fanatics, communities help you find people who are into the same things you are. Share news, ideas and passions with just the right people, or meet some new ones by joining public communities.

I highly recommend you go to Google+ Communities now and create a community, join a few public communities, get friends involved and share how you want, when you want. Don't wait, get on this today and get ahead of the curve, it will pay off huge dividends for you.

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