Selecting Keywords and Phrases That Increase Web Traffic

How do you currently select your search description, keywords or phrases? Just an idea, you may want to throw out the way you are currently doing it and start fishing where the fish are.

Google Keywords is the tool most people use, while this definitely is a staple in the SEO toolbox, it may not be providing you the exact effect you want. You want web traffic today, so the best way to get traffic is to incorporate what people are talking about today, the hottest and latest trends, into what you are sharing. 

How do you do this, start using Google Trends to select your keywords and phrases. Google Trends provides you with the hottest, trending search terms people are using today. Google Trends is simple, it has two sections, explore trends and hot searches, that's it. Select either section, grab the keywords or phrases that suit you best and you are off to the races. 

Another site you may like to check out is Ubersuggest, which is another excellent keyword suggestion tool to add to your SEO toolbox. Try using all three keyword search and phrases tools together, they are, Google Trends, Ubersuggest and Google Keywords.

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