Convert Prospects Into Customers Using Psychology

What if you knew what your customer wanted to buy before they actually told you? Have you ever heard of social psychology? Want to learn more and start converting your prospects into customers today?

Help Scout, a leader in help desk software, just published a free 48-page eBook, called "10 Ways to Convert More Customers, Using Psychology" as well as a unique infographic, which shows ten popular and rigorously tested research studies in social psychology.

I summarized the ten proven methods below and highly recommend you download the free 48-page eBook to get all the information "10 Ways to Convert More Customers, Using Psychology" and enjoy the material.

Help Customers Break Through "Action Paralysis" by Setting Minimums
Embrace the Power of Labels
Understand the 3 Types of Buyers
Highlight Strengths by Admitting Shortcomings
Use Urgency the Smart Way
Make Their Brain Light Up 'Instantly'
Make an Enemy
Stand for Something
Devil's Advocate
Keep 'em on Their Toes

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