Build and Maintain a Responsive Email List

How do you currently maintain and manage your email subscribers list? Do you know what a person is actually interested in when they subscribe to your email updates? Are you sending the same information to your entire email list, even though a person may only be interested in only one of your products or services?

Stop throwing spaghetti up against the wall and start sending information to your subscriber list that each subscriber is specifically interested in receiving. This is called micro-targeting, or in common english, fishing where the fish are. The only way to automatically and effectively segment your email subscriber list into "Subscriber Interest Buckets" is to utilize a professional email marketing software.

Several email marketing software programs currently exist and they all do a great job of offering subscriber templates, email templates and list management tools. One of the top services that I personally utilize is iContact, it is the least expensive and packs the most value for me.

iContact allows me to easily create highly targeted emails that I send to one of my subscriber interest buckets, connect to my social media outlets automatically as well as select from a bunch of unique templates to use when sending out my highly targeted emails.

You may also like sites like iContact or MailChimp, which are relatively inexpensive if you do not have a lot of email list subscribers. When you start to gather a bunch of email subscribers like myself, I have over 50,000 currently, you will see that iContact is the way to go.

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