How to Share Photos, Weblinks, Videos and Documents to Your Clients

When was the last time you attempted to send a video to a friend, family or client and suddenly found out the file size was to big to be emailed? Sit back relax and get ready to go into sharing overload, regardless of the size of the file. A new site has just launched called Postwire and what it does is amazing.

Postwire enables you to upload your photos, weblinks, videos or documents to their website, then you send an email to whomever you want to, regardless of the file size. Not only does it show up and look fantastic to the person on the receiving end, the sender can track who actually opened up the email and who didn't (this will come in handy if you are using Postwire for business purposes). If you are looking for a unique way to have your emails stand out from everyone else, give Postwire a shot today.

To watch a quick 4 minute YouTube tutorial and see Postwire in action, click here.

As always, if you use a site similar to Postwire and want to share it with us, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to include it in the next update.