How to Learn the Basics of Business Blogging

A few alarming blog facts to get your attention, companies that actively post on their blog have 55% more website visitors, close to 40% of US based companies use a blog to promote and market their products or services, lastly, blogging directly correlates to more interactive communications with their customers. The facts above have all been proven by reliable data sources of countless studies.

HubSpot just sent me an incredible FREE 83-page super informative ebook in which I wanted to pass along to you. The idea by me sharing it is to get your feedback and hopefully learn how to better enhance our blogs together. The ebook teaches you how to, find content to blog about, optimize your blog posts, promote your blog, measure your blog activity and blogging practices.

Best wishes and let me know how you make out by leaving a comment and starting a conversation.

The HubSpot "The Basics of Business Blogging" may be downloaded by clicking "Here"

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  1. Good to see more bloggers able to share their blessings. It would be great if more bloggers stumble on this blog and are able to download your free material from HubSpot. Cheers!