How to Increase Your Google+ Followers

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By far, the number one way to increase your Google+ followers is by naturally commenting, giving +1's to people that post content you enjoy and by being sincere with anything you post. Most Google+ users are not on the social network because they just want to grow their circle sizes, they are on Google+ because they realize the unbelievable potential for information that they can share and receive, to and from highly specific groups of users.

One absolutely fantastic example of highly specific target group interactions taking place on Google+ are the photography and arts circles. If you are a photographer or artist and not currently interacting on  Google+, stop doing what you are doing right now and go and sign up. Add me to one of your circles in the process +Brandon Schaefer and I will be glad to give you your first +1 and leave a generous comment to get you started.

Two sites that will help you specifically interact with your selected groups of interest in a more effective way are Google+ Statistics and GPlusData. Both Google+ Statistics and GPlusData generate and track G+ users and puts them into group buckets, such as Top 100 People on Google+, Today's Engaging Users, Top Growing Users, Top Growing Brands and the list goes on and on.

One great Google Chrome web browser plugin that a lot of heavy Google+ users utilize is the Circle+ plugin. To put it simply, Circle+ allows you to add people to your Google+ circles from any webpage that you are on. I will show you an example of how Circle+ works in the YouTube video update that goes along with this post.

Remember, you will not trick Google+ users into following you, the way you will get more followers is by sincerely interacting with people on Google+ that have similar interests to you. As we say, you must give to receive, so go and give a few +1's and leave a few good comments right now.

Updates - Check out Group to add yourself to existing groups, create your own group or find interesting people to follow. If you are looking to grab a few G+ circles of interest that are already formed, visit the Google+ Shared Circles Database, this database has over 50,000 names and over 400 circles ready to drag and drop into your Google+ stream.