Control Your Mac or PC Remotely

Have you ever needed something from your home Mac or PC and wished you were sitting in front of it? Now you can be, no matter where you are! LogMeIn enables you to access files on your home Mac or PC, run updates on your home Mac or PC and get information that is stored on your home Mac or PC hard drive. LogMeIn even has an app that allows you to gain access to your home Mac or PC from your iPhone or iPAD.

LogMeIn also has a 100% free service that enables you to share your computer screen or view your associates computer screen, it is definitely worth checking out as well, the site is called JoinMe. JoinMe is so easy to use, next time your mom calls and says her computer is broken and can you come over, let her know their is no need for you to come over in person, you can log-in remotely. She will be amazed when her mouse starts moving around her Mac or PC screen while you are in control, believe me.

As always, if you utilize any sites similar to LogMeIn or JoinMe and want us to include them in our next update, please leave a comment below.