eioLIFE Sunday Morning Weekly Recap | Week 42

How to Send Sensitive Information by Email

Have you ever needed to send sensitive or personal information to your bank, mortgage company, doctor or anyone else? Do you every worry that the information you send by email, instant message or text will be stored on your phone, on your computer hard drive or on a server somewhere? No need to worry anymore, a new site called OneShares allows you to create and send a one-time secure, self-destructing message for one recipient. For example, I send an email to you with some type of personal information, you open the email, then the email self destructs, never to be able to be opened again. OneShares even allows you to set a time limit for your email to self destruct, if the person you sent the email to does not open it within your set amount of time, the email self destructs as well.

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How to Control Your Mac or PC Remotely

Have you ever needed something from your home Mac or PC and wished you were sitting in front of it? Now you can be, no matter where you are! LogMeIn enables you to access files on your home Mac or PC, run updates on your home Mac or PC and get information that is stored on your home Mac or PC hard drive. LogMeIn even has an app that allows you to gain access to your home Mac or PC from your iPhone or iPAD.

LogMeIn also has a 100% free service that enables you to share your computer screen or view your associates computer screen, it is definitely worth checking out as well, the site is called JoinMe. JoinMe is so easy to use, next time your mom calls and says her computer is broken and can you come over, let her know their is no need for you to come over in person, you can log-in remotely. She will be amazed when her mouse starts moving around her Mac or PC screen while you are in control, believe me.

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How to Get High-Quality Website Traffic to Your Site

Looking for a different way to get natural, high-quality traffic to your website or blog? Have you ever thought of writing a short reference article for your topic of expertise?

We all know several different ways to get low quality traffic to our sites, what is the real purpose of low quality traffic though, is it just to get traffic numbers? I'd rather have ten quality people I interact with rather than one-hundred that I have no interaction with, this is the reason why you want to check out EzineArticles, because of the quality of interaction it can provide to you. In short, EzineArticles is a high-quality article submission site that all the experts utilize on a daily basis to gather top information. Yes, this means that your high-quality article you write and submit to EzineArticles, has the opportunity to get reviewed and shared back out to thousands of people.

EzineArticles is also a great place if you are looking for information of high-value to learn or re-share original articles back out to your network. In the end, by utilizing EzineArticles on a daily basis, you will increase your exposure to great articles, increase web traffic back to your website and gain credibility among experts in your specific field of interest. Get involved today and see the difference it will make to your website analytics.

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How to Learn the Basics of Business Blogging

A few alarming blog facts to get your attention, companies that actively post on their blog have 55% more website visitors, close to 40% of US based companies use a blog to promote and market their products or services, lastly, blogging directly correlates to more interactive communications with their customers. The facts above have all been proven by reliable data sources of countless studies.

HubSpot just sent me an incredible FREE 83-page super informative ebook in which I wanted to pass along to you. The idea by me sharing it is to get your feedback and hopefully learn how to better enhance our blogs together. The ebook teaches you how to, find content to blog about, optimize your blog posts, promote your blog, measure your blog activity and blogging practices.

Best wishes and let me know how you make out by leaving a comment and starting a conversation.

The HubSpot "The Basics of Business Blogging" may be downloaded by clicking "Here"

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