eioLIFE Sunday Morning Weekly Recap | Week 41

How to Share Photos, Weblinks, Videos and Documents to Your Clients

When was the last time you attempted to send a video to a friend, family or client and suddenly found out the file size was to big to be emailed? Sit back relax and get ready to go into sharing overload, regardless of the size of the file. A new site has just launched called Postwire and what it does is amazing.

Postwire enables you to upload your photos, weblinks, videos or documents to their website, then you send an email to whomever you want to, regardless of the file size. Not only does it show up and look fantastic to the person on the receiving end, the sender can track who actually opened up the email and who didn't (this will come in handy if you are using Postwire for business purposes). If you are looking for a unique way to have your emails stand out from everyone else, give Postwire a shot today.

To watch a quick 4 minute YouTube tutorial and see Postwire in action, click here.

As always, if you use a site similar to Postwire and want to share it with us, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to include it in the next update.

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network by Asking Questions

LinkedIn is an extremely valuable resource that is not used to its full capacity these days, if you are not actively participating in the LinkedIn "Ask a Question" section, you are really missing out. Most people that use LinkedIn do not even know about the "Ask a Question" section, rest assure, you will gain a better understanding of the benefits of utilizing this LinkedIn section when you are done reading this and watching the short 3-minute YouTube "How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network by Asking Questions" video.

Companies spend tons of money everyday gathering research on what people want and what the hottest  trending topics are and will be, they do this through surveys, question and answer sessions and flat out expensive market research. What if companies and people were able to just make it simple and ask their audience what they want, do you think this might help? Well, this is what the LinkedIn "Ask a Question" section does for business and most of all, just normal down to earth people that might just want to know something on a topic of interest to them.

Here is a simple, sample question that was asked by an extremely successful LinkedIn member "What do you suggest is the best pin scheduling and analytics tool for Pinterest?" This simple question will have experts in the field of Pinterest and social media providing you with the answers, not only are the experts answering, they are actively engaging with you. What you do with the LinkedIn engagement from that point is up to you, maybe you connect with them, maybe you just want to know what Pinterest tools to use for analytics, either way, you are gathering free and valuable information.

As always, the goal is to be sincere and authentic with your questions when using the LinkedIn "Ask a Question" section, this is not a place to waste people's time if you are not truly interested in hearing, listening and engaging with successful members on LinkedIn.

If you wish to connect with me on LinkedIn Brandon Schaefer, I will be sure to accept your connection request and actively participate in the questions you ask.

Want to participate and share what site or sites you use that are similar to the LinkedIn "Ask a Question" section and want to share it with us, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to include it in the next update.