eioLIFE Sunday Morning Weekly Recap - Week 40

Writing a business plan can be as simple as a one-page document that gets right down to the point. The days of spending months developing your business plan are over. The most effective way to generate a business plan is to just take a couple hours and answer all the below questions, be short and get directly to the point.

1. Describe your business concept
2. List your target customers
3. List why your target customers need your product or service
4. How are your target customers going to pay you and how much are they going to pay you
5. How is your product or service going to dominate your target base of customers
6. How much money do you need and how fast do you need it
7. If you are provided the requested money, how will you use the money to advance your business
8. When is your business expected to be profitable

Answer all of the above questions on a one-page document using Arial font, size 8 and you will be on your way to success. If you can't explain what you do and why you do it on one-page, you may want to investigate what it is you are doing.

Download the eioLIFE One-Page Business Plan Template FREE of charge by clicking HERE

If you like the one-page business plan concept or have anything that you find compelling to add that we missed, please leave a comment below.

How to Use a Free Keyword Suggestion Tool for Your Website

When you want to use a super easy and absolutely fantastic free keyword suggestion tool, try using Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is by far the easiest of any keyword suggestion tools to use and does not even require you to login or provide any personal information. All you need to do is write the keyword you want suggestions for in the Ubersuggest keyword box, select the language of your desire, select what part of the web you want to search ie: web, images, news, shopping, videos and hit the magic suggest box. The magic will occur right before your eyes, the hottest most searched keyword terms associated with your specific keyword will pop-up. You can cut and paste all the keyword terms you want from this point.

I have used many different keyword tools and utilities including Google Keywords, Ubersuggest is by far the best and easiest to use out of all of them. I highly recommend trying Ubersuggest today.

As always, if you have a unique keyword site that you like to use and it will provide high value to entrepreneurs and technology people, please leave a comment below and we will include it in our next update.

How to Make a Word Cloud or Tag Cloud Out of Text

To generate a word cloud or tag cloud from text that you provide, try using Wordle. Wordle enables you to automatically make a word cloud out the keywords from your entire website. Wordle is so simple to use and its free, watch our short YouTube movie "How to make a word cloud or tag cloud out of text" to really see how it works. To get started all you do is provide the keywords you want to use, Wordle generates the tag cloud for you, select different layouts, color schemes and fonts. It's that easy.

Give Wordle a shot today and leave a comment below with how you like it and in what way you are going to use your new word cloud.

As always, if you already use a site similar to Wordle and want us to include it in our next update, please leave a comment below as well.

How to Digitally Sign an Electronic Document

When you need to sign a document and do not have access to print it out, physically sign it and then scan or fax it back, try using HelloSign. HelloSign is an electronic signature service which allows you to place your actual signature on the electronic document. HelloSign is totally FREE, one caveat is that HelloSign only works with the Google Chrome web browser. If you are not using Google Chrome as your web browser currently, you may want to give Chrome a shot, it really has a whole bunch of unique features and plugins that will make your life more effective.

As always, if you currently utilize an electronic signature service already and feel like sharing it with us, we will include it in our next update, just leave a comment below.

How to Increase Your Google+ Followers

Check for recent updates and enhancements to this post by scrolling to the bottom of this post and reading the "Updates" section.

By far, the number one way to increase your Google+ followers is by naturally commenting, giving +1's to people that post content you enjoy and by being sincere with anything you post. Most Google+ users are not on the social network because they just want to grow their circle sizes, they are on Google+ because they realize the unbelievable potential for information that they can share and receive, to and from highly specific groups of users.

One absolutely fantastic example of highly specific target group interactions taking place on Google+ are the photography and arts circles. If you are a photographer or artist and not currently interacting on  Google+, stop doing what you are doing right now and go and sign up. Add me to one of your circles in the process +Brandon Schaefer and I will be glad to give you your first +1 and leave a generous comment to get you started.

Two sites that will help you specifically interact with your selected groups of interest in a more effective way are Google+ Statistics and GPlusData. Both Google+ Statistics and GPlusData generate and track G+ users and puts them into group buckets, such as Top 100 People on Google+, Today's Engaging Users, Top Growing Users, Top Growing Brands and the list goes on and on.

One great Google Chrome web browser plugin that a lot of heavy Google+ users utilize is the Circle+ plugin. To put it simply, Circle+ allows you to add people to your Google+ circles from any webpage that you are on. I will show you an example of how Circle+ works in the YouTube video update that goes along with this post.

Remember, you will not trick Google+ users into following you, the way you will get more followers is by sincerely interacting with people on Google+ that have similar interests to you. As we say, you must give to receive, so go and give a few +1's and leave a few good comments right now.

Updates - Check out Group to add yourself to existing groups, create your own group or find interesting people to follow. If you are looking to grab a few G+ circles of interest that are already formed, visit the Google+ Shared Circles Database, this database has over 50,000 names and over 400 circles ready to drag and drop into your Google+ stream.