I want to create an online visual brainstorming whiteboard...

To create a web page that will allow you to brainstorm visually using an online whiteboard, try using Mural. Mural allows you to create ideas, build product concepts, plan projects and share ideas in a unique visual way. Mural is all about the visual aspect, is super easy to use and will empower you to grow your ideas on one big online virtual whiteboard. 

I highly recommend using Mural and as always, leave a comment below and let everyone know how you made out. Also, if you have a site similar to Mural that you utilize and love, please leave a comment below and we will include it in our next update.

Watch the video update via the eioLIFE YouTube Channel

Additional resource reference article "How Virtual Pin-Up Boards Can Be Much More Powerful than Words" by Clive Thompson.