eioLIFE Sunday Morning Weekly Recap - Week 38

I want to track and analyze my website's performance...
To gain a better understanding of who is visiting your website, from what sources the web traffic is coming from and what pages are the most popular, try using Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst or Alexa. Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst and Alexa are all super easy to use, involve limited setup and will provide more than enough information for you.

As always, if you utilize any other website to track your site's performance and love the results you get from it, please feel free to share the site below and we will be sure to include it in the next update.

I want to see how many pinners are promoting my product on Pinterest...
To find out if any content from your site has been pinned on Pinterest, try using PinMe. PinMe is a free online tool that will provide your pinned statistics to you and will help you determine what direction you need to put forth your efforts on Pinterest. Pinterest is the third most popular networking site following Facebook and Twitter, so you better pay attention to it.

Currently, I do not know of any other sites that will provide you with the types of statistics PinMe does, if you do know of one, please leave a comment so we may include it in the next update. 

I want to use my own email address rather than the new @facebook.com one...
To change your email address back to the one you have always used on Facebook before Facebook changed yours to @Facebook.com, follow the directions explained in this recent article Fix Facebook's Annoying Email Switcheroo or watch the short "How To" YouTube Video by clicking here.

Watch the YouTube video update by clicking Here