eioLIFE Sunday Morning Weekly Recap 9/9/2012 - 9/15/2012

I want to get great deals on products I love from stores I love...

To get the best deals on the products I love from the stores and people that I find interesting, try using Svpply. Svpply, spelled like supply, except the letter v is used as the vowel instead of the letter u, is the new Pinterest for shoppers. Pinterest allows you to see what your friends like, while Svpply allows you to buy what your friends like. Over 70,000 stores and brands are currently available through Svpply and the inventory is growing everyday. Join Svpply today for free, help grow the community and get the best deals on the products and brands you love.

I want to join or start a local networking group that meets face-to-face...

To join a local face-to-face networking group or to start your very own face-to-face local networking group, try using Meetup. Meetup is an incredibly valuable site to use when you are looking to grow your local network in person or present your business ideas to a live local audience. If I may make a subtle suggestion, stop doing what you are doing right now and check out Meetup. Find or start a Meetup Group today.

Leave a comment below with the link for your next Meetup, so we may support you by showing up.

I want to create an online survey to gain better insight...

To create an online survey to learn about or gain better consumer insight, try using Google Consumer Surveys. Yes, several other sites offer online survey tools, but since Google Consumer Surveys is owned and ran by Google, you can count on Google moving you hire in the Google search engines placement when you use Google Consumer Surveys. Gather further insight and information that will help you grow your company or the products it sells. Google Consumer Surveys is super easy to use and gives you the ability to drill down to the exact target market you want to survey.

Give Google Consumer Surveys a shot and let everyone know how you made out by leaving a comment below. Also, if you know of another super easy and effective survey site, please leave a comment below for everyone as well.

I want to spread the word about my upcoming Google+ Hangout...

To make a video to spread the word about your upcoming Google+ Hangout, try using Hype My Hangout. Hype My Hangout is a must add to your Google+ toolkit if you are looking to grow your Google+ Hangouts. Get more interactive people to join your Google+ Hangouts and promote your next Google+ Hangout session using Hype My Hangout.

Leave a comment below with your Hype My Hangout link, so we can all check it out and join it. 

Also, if you know of any other sites similar to Hype My Hangout that we can include in our next update, please leave a comment below as well.


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    1. Thanks Jonathan, I update the blog so I can remember all the great stuff I hear, see and learn about everyday. Glad you enjoy it. I checked out SurverTool.com and will have to start utilizing it.