Entrepreneur Opportunities: You Have To Be In It, To Win It!

Entrepreneur opportunities are all over the place, are you personally taking advantage of them? I don’t literally mean taking advantage of, I mean putting yourself out there so that people and businesses know you are open to new opportunities and projects.

You wouldn’t go fishing without a fish-hook, would you? Walking through life with blinder’s to entrepreneur opportunities is really selling yourself short. Yes, there is risk, yes there is growth potential, and yes, you can do it. I’m talking to you (and myself) when I write this. I'm not saying stop doing what you are doing today, I'm saying be open to new opportunities in the future, as they come up.

Mistakes I Made When I First Starting Blogging and How to Fix Them: Share Your Experiences Too!

We've all make mistakes, some larger than others. Below are some mistakes that I made when I first started blogging. I have made many, many more, these are just some of the one's I thought of immediately. Get involved in the conversation, let everyone know what some of your mistakes were, and what the fixes are. Leave a comment for us all to learn from.

Not Setting Up Social Sharing Buttons
The Fix: Go to AddThis or ShareThis, get the widget, and place the social sharing buttons at the bottom of your posts.

5 Free Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Every Website or Blog Can Get Free SEO

Natural and organic search engine optimization can be achieved for free. Increasing your website traffic or blog traffic can happen very quickly. There are certain techniques that you can implement yourself to increase your traffic, you just have to know what they are. My objective in this article is to share with you: the free, natural, and organic methods to increase your website or blog exposure.

The five methods I am going to discuss are: making sure your local search engine business listings are updated and correct; making sure you are utilizing the most popular social bookmarking sites; submitting your content to the most popular blog directories; syndicating your blog articles on a daily basis; and submitting your blog or website to the highest trafficked search engines. Sounds like a lot for you to do? It's really not, I am here to help you walk through the steps and make sure you reach a comfort level. Believe me, once you get the swing of things, you'll be off to the races on your own.